Armoured Cargo Trailer – ART4T

Armoured Cargo Trailer – ART4T

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(a) Tailgate for the cargo body. The latch catches are able to remain closed and secure during the transport of the cargo, even subjected to various forces due to the roughness of the terrain.

(b) Steel Fenders

(c) Lunette is manufactured by Tecimer with capacity of 6000kg

(d) Retractable wheeled landing leg is provided with loading rate 1000kg. Range of elevation from ground to bottom of lunette is 780mm to 1200mm

(e) Two drawbar safety chains are provided with load rating of 6000kg


(a) Curb weight (chassis and cargo box total) 1800+/-50kg

(b) Payload 4000kg

(c) GVW (total of (a) and (b) above) 5800+/-50kg