Potable Water Trailer – TEC WT325 SA

Potable Water Trailer – TEC WT325 SA

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Potable Water Trailer – TEC WT325 SA

Payload: 1276kg
Material: Stainless Steel (AISI 304SS), 2mm
Weight: 1926kg (Full loaded)
Overall Dimensions: 3315 x 1954 x 1950 mm

Standart Equipment:
1. Light package: Turn signals, tail lights and brake lights.

2. Lockable water proof with tire changing tools and lifting jack

3. Trailer with metal fenders and mud flaps

4. Potable Water Trailer – TEC WT325 with a retractable wheeled landing leg. Landing leg is adjustable to facilitate connection to prime mover with pintle heights ranging 696 (+/-50)mm.

5. Draw bar safety chains capable of securing the trailer to prime mover in the event of pintle failure.

6. Air service brakes with brake-away system. Gland-hands in accordance with SAE J318.

7. Manually activated parking brake. The parking brake can hold fully loaded trailer on a dry, hard surface 20% grade with uncoupled from the following vehicle.

8. Electrical system: 12 Volt system with SAE J560 7 pin connector.

9. Wheel and Tires : Rim size R16 and 195/75 R16 radial tires.