Potable Water Trailer – WT500

Potable Water Trailer – WT500

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Model TEC WT500
Payload 2000 liters
Material Stainless Steel
Gross Weight 2980kg (Full loaded)
Overall Dimensions 3810 x 2080 x 2020 mm

Standart Equipment
1. Light package: Turn signals, tail lights and brake lights.

2. Lockable water proof with tire changing tools and lifting jack

3. Trailer with metal fenders and mud flaps

4. Trailer with a retractable wheeled landing leg. Landing leg is adjustable to facilitate connection to prime mover with pintle heights ranging 35-45 inches.

5. Drawbar safety chains capable of securing the trailer to prime mover in the event of pintle failure.

6. Jerrycan holder (for 20 liter)

7. Air service brakes with brakeaway system. Glandhands in accordance with SAE J318.

8. Manually activated parking brake. The parking brake can hold fully loaded trailer on a dry, hard surface 20% grade with uncoupled from the following vehicle.

9. Electrical system: 12 Volt system with SAE J560 7 pin connector.

10. Tires : Tubless on/off road radial tires.

11. Two potable water hoses, minimum length 3m each.